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PhytoLEDs Quantum GX-300

PhytoLEDs Quantum GX-300


PhytoLEDs Quantum GX-300 PhytoLEDs Quantum GX-300 PhytoLEDs Quantum GX-300 PhytoLEDs Quantum GX-300 PhytoLEDs Quantum GX-300



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Open Source Technology Horticultural LEDs

Engineered in Switzerland, assembled and tested in Italy

With the “Quantum GX Professional” line we believe we have achieved an objective that we set ourselves some time ago: to manufacture a product range for interior growing based on LEDs with professional features.

One key feature is that this product line allows each LED module to be replaced simply and quickly. Users can even do it themselves, with no need to pack up the whole system and send it off to technical support or, most important of all, having to interrupt the service. The GX line is wired in such a way that you can continue to use the system even if one or more modules are missing, because the rest will keep on working. Replacement modules are available from authorised resellers and from the manufacturer’s website, and they are easy to replace. This not only assures the continuity of your growing cycle, but also means you can later install other modules to try out new solutions or adapt the LED to different uses, switching from the vegetative phase to full cycle or full spectrum. Five-band modules are now available for full cycle, and three-band ones for the vegetative phase and real vision, including white for more aesthetic solutions in cases where true colour perception is preferable (orchids, aromatic and medicinal plants, installations in kitchens, restaurants, etc.). This manufacturing feature also means other allows modules with new spectra and technology can be installed, because new characteristics and details of how plants react to artificial light are being discovered every year. The product’s durability is therefore assured by the possibility of replacing only the modules and not the entire system.

The modules are standard PHT201, assembled on a large aluminium radiator. The GX line, however, is available at lower prices than those of US-made LEDs, which offer similar features but have not been designed with economising in mind. The product is for professional use, quick to repair, upgradable and highly robust.

The optical lenses mounted with the GX line are at right angles, although owing to the need of some users for broader, less penetrating beams, the manufacturer has also included lenses at 120° angles, which are easy to replace.

The Quantum GX line presents an “Eco” to dim the light intensity and change the spectrum. (In the full-cycle version emission runs from the vegetative phase to flowering; in the vegetative version from germination/mother plant to the grafts/vegetative version.)

Also, the “Turbo Cooling System” makes it possible to achieve proper cooling even under extreme conditions: Quantum GX units are fitted with fans that are almost twice as large, and almost twice as many in number, as those usually fitted to products with a similar power rating. Any issues and wear affecting LEDs used for growing tend to be the direct result of overheating of the LED chips. With the Quantum GX line, however, a large frame — nearly twice as large as usual — can house a sizable mass of air circulating directly over the radiators. This assures a cooling flow that is not only more than sufficient but is even oversized, so the system can keep working without problems even in high summer and under conditions of extreme heat. The many large fans are split into two arrays: under normal operating conditions it is enough to have a single array functioning and cooling; if temperatures rise, an internal sensor starts up a second array of fans, which can also be started manually. The powerful fans generate an air flow that also helps to ventilate the atmosphere inside the grow-room, and in the case of small grow-boxes, may also replace the ventilator.

The furnace-tempered and varnished steel casing is large in size to facilitate the abundant air circulation generated by the large fans.

The power units to start up the modules are separate from those used for the fans, and they can be replaced from the exterior without having to open the casing of the unit.

Quantum GX units can be connected in a cascade, with one powering another. An additional power cable is supplied.

Technical support is fast and effective (Phytolite guarantees repairs within four working days). Stocks of spare parts are always available. The Europe-wide network of authorised support centres grows larger every month. The list of points that are already available is published at the website

The Quantum GX line has been designed in Switzerland. The components of the line are manufactured in China. Each product assembled is tested individually in Italy and sold with a one-year guarantee, which can be extended to two years free of charge if you register.

Products can be acquired from many specialist resellers. If they are out of stock, customers can acquire them directly from the following website, which is available in six languages:

GX Line benefits:

  • Easily interchangeable LED modules that comply with the standard PHT201: vegetative function, flowering and “future releases”.

  • Professional modules mounted on a large-sized aluminium radiator: cooling assured even under extreme conditions.

  • 90 and 120 lenses for different areas and requirements. Size 90 once assembled, in a 120 box (user-replaceable).

  • Sixteen 3W chip-type LEDs per module. PHT003 spectrum, Phytolite project unregistered, may be freely reproduced.

  • Smart power supply: if one of the modules fails, the others receive no extra current and the system keeps working. The malfunctioning module can be dismantled by the user and sent to the technical-support centre with no need to interrupt the cycle.

  • “Switch Eco” system to reduce light intensity and change the spectrum (in the “full cycle” version emission switches from the vegetative stage to flowering; in the vegetative version, emission switches from germination/mother plant by means of cuttings/vegetative stage

  • “Turbo Cooling System”: fitted with large-sized fans in two arrays. Under normal operating conditions, they are cooled by one array of fans; in cases of extreme heat the second array starts up (manual and automatic using a sensor).

  • The oversized frame (tempered steel) enables a large amount of air to circulate, obtained from the large fans.

  • Power supplies and LED modules replaceable externally with no need to open the frame.

  • Top-quality electronic components

  • Cascade connection, sold with a supplementary power cable.

  • 1 year guarantee can be extended free of charge to 2 years by registering the product.

  • Support centres authorised in Europe.

  • Spare parts always in stock.

Technical support is one of our strengths, with various laboratories in Europe and new ones in the process of opening. If there is not yet one in your country, please contact the technical-support centre in Italy.

Technical data:

Led Chip Power : 3W
Angle : 90° Mounted on system and 120° set available in the package x replacement
Brand : Epileds
Led Expected Life Span : 50.000 hrs
PCB : Aluminium 2.0mm
Aluminium cooler : 122x122mm
Operating Voltage : 220 V AC
Power Factor : >95
Max Power per Driver : 80W
Operating temperature : -20°C/+40°C
Fan diameter : 120mm
Cooling Fan Life Span : 50.000 hrs
Operating position : Light facing down
Certification : ROHS-CE
Warranty : 2 years (spare parts available at EU support locations)
Engineered and Assembled : Engineered in Switzerland and Assembled in Italy
Current : 650mA
Dimension, Weight :
  • GX-100 : 36.5×17.5x11cm, 3.65Kg

  • GX-200 : 35×36.5x11cm, 5.9Kg

  • GX-300 : 55x35x11cm, 8.7Kg

  • GX-400 : 73.5x35x11cm, 11.4Kg

Power, Sugg. Area :
  • GX-100 : 66W, 50x50cm

  • GX-200 : 130W, 80x80cm

  • GX-300 : 192W, 120x120cm

  • GX-400 : 265W, 160x160cm


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