Kit Soil 150 W

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Box, lighting, ventilation, fertilizer, pots, soil...

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Kit Soil 150 W

Box, lighting, ventilation, fertilizer, pots, soil...

Complete kit, all the necessary equipment for a good start!

You save ~ 10% by buying the Kit!


1SJ - Dark Room DR  60 R3.00
(60x60x170cm R3.00) Professinoal grow tent made of the best reflective mylar.
1Ballast ETI compact - 150 W
Ballast for High Pressure Sodium Lamp.
1Super Plant HPS - 150 W
High Pressure Sodium Lamp, Red/yellow wavelength, for bloom.
1Reflector Megalux
Aluminum Reflector.
1Horti Light Hanger
For reflectors and carbon filters.
1Brennenstuhl Mechanical Timer CH
Mechanical timer, shortest circuit 15 min., CH Plug.
1SJ - Monkey Fan 16W
Fan with NEW Revolutionary Holding System.


Power cable 1.5mm
Power cable (3 x 1.5 mm²)
1RVK 100 A1 - 175 m³/h
Circular Duct Fan RVK 175 m³/h - 100 mm.
2Power Cable with CH Plug
Power Cable with Swiss Plug.
1Combi 100 mm - 1 m
Alu + PVC Flex Duct ø 100 mm.
1Can Filters PLASTIC 200 m³/h (CAN2600PL)
Carbon Air Filter 200 m³/h (Ref CAN2600PL)
3Alu 100 mm - 1 m
Flexible Aluminium Ducting 100 mm.
3Hose Clamp - 100-160 mm
Hose Clamp.
1AS Thermo-Hygro Mini
Hygrometer and Thermometer Digital.
4Square Pot 3.6 lt
Square Pots 15x15x20 cm 3.6 lt
1Bcuzz Janeco Light Mix
Lightly fertilised soil enriched with perlite.
1HP Master Grower Grow - 500 ml
Advanced nutritive programme for outstanding results. (Growing)
1HP Master Grower Bloom - 1 lt
Advanced nutritive programme for outstanding results. (Flowering)
1HP Xtra Roots - 100 ml
Ultra-vitalising complex and root system activator.
1HP Liquid Ocean - 100 ml
Increases the yield of your plants.
1HP Massive Bloom - 100 gr
Super Boost for massive flowering.
1HP 3acid down - 250 ml
3Acid down is designed to lower the pH in the nutritional solution.
1pH test kit
pH Test indicator.
1Mon jardin d'intérieur (FRENCH)
Installation, conception, équipement, réussir mon premier m2.

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