Hookahs, Tobacco and Accessories for Shishas.

Large choice of hookah : Oduman, El-Badia, Steamulation, Amy, Mya, Dud, Boost, etc...

The best tobacco : Adalya, Al Fakher, Nakhla, Social Smoke, Starbuzz, Swiss Smoke...

Hookah Charcoal and Accessories

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  • Charcoal
    Charcoal for Hookah, 3 Kings, Alvand, Cocobrico, Excelsior, Shisha-Lite, Starbuzz.
  • hookah

    hookah, great choice, low price...

    Oduman, El-Badia, Amy Deluxe, Steamulation, Dud, Boost, etc...

  • Shisha Accessories
    Accessories for hookah.
  • Adalya Tobacco

    All Adalya products are produced using the flavors appropriate to European Union regulations and selected high quality tobacco.

    Being the largest nargile tobacco producer in Turkey and the second largest in the world, for the time being.

  • Adalya Aqua Mentha...

    Adalya Aqua Mentha Tobacco

    Aqua Mentha is a range from the famous Turkish manufacturer of shisha tobacco Adalya.

    Aqua Mentha tobacco has been specially designed for hookah smokers who appreciate freshness.

  • Al Fakher Tobacco

    Al Fakher Tobacco for the shisha

    Founded in the United Arab Emirates, Al Fakher has been passionate about shisha since 1999.

  • Tabac Capital Bra Smoke

    Capital Bra Smoke Tobacco for shisha

    The Berlin rapper Capital Bra is the most successful artist in history in Germany and Austria.

    With Capital Bra Smoke, the rapper with Russian and Ukrainian roots has his own shisha tobacco.

    Made in Berlin

  • Tabac Chaos

    Chaos Tobacco for the shisha

    Only a genius can handle the Chaos.

  • Malaki Tobacco
    Malaki Tobacco for the Shisha.
  • Oduman Blend Tobacco

    Oduman Blend Tobacco

    Blending the best quality hookah tobacco leaves with the best quality aromas of hookah tobacco. Enjoy Smoke!

    Experience our highest quality hookah tobacco ever produced. High quality materials blended with high technology and experience

    Productions is made in Turkey

  • Tabac Social Smoke
    Sophisticated. Distinctive. Innovative. Social Smoke Tobacco transforms your smoking experience with a bold new take on flavors and quality.
  • Starbuzz Tobacco
    STARBUZZ is a reference in aromas and flavors for shisha.
  • Tabac Swiss Smoke

    Swiss Smoke produces its tobacco in Shisha, as the name suggests, in Switzerland.

    Swiss Smoke is known to many shisha bars and has established itself in the Swiss hookah market.

    The wide range of Swiss Smoke tobacco includes many varieties, the flavors of which are based on world-famous bestsellers.

    Perfect humidity, high quality basic tobacco and selected aromas make Swiss Smoke a very popular shisha tobacco in Switzerland.

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Showing 1 - 12 of 531 items


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