TheAzimut Fertilizer

TheAzimut fertilizers have been developed to meet the productivity and quality needs of the most demanding producers.

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  • TheAzimut PRO

    PRO Range

    TheAzimut Pro is composed of 4 basic solutions, their addition allows to modify the nutrient solutions according to the stage of cultivation.

    It provides all the nutrients necessary for the proper development of plants and much more.

  • TheAzimut GIANT

    GIANT Range

    The Giant range is a simple, practical and efficient solution. It has the advantage of being composed of a solution adapted for each stage of cultivation

  • TheAzimut BOOSTER


    TheAzimut stimulators are unique. They benefit from the compounds used and recognized in the cultivation of cannabis such as certain vitamins and minerals.

  • TheAzimut XXL Order
    Large volumes for professionals (30 lt, 220 lt, 1000 lt)
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Showing 1 - 10 of 10 items


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