Indoor growing material.

Box, lighting, irrigation fertilizer, complete kit, measurements and regulation, pots and saucers, care of plants, substrates, hydro systems, Ventilation, etc...

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  • Box

    Grow Tents for Indoor Growing

    Diamond Box, Secret Jardin.

  • Fertilizer

    Plants fertilizers

    Advanced Nutrients, Atami (B'cuzz), Biobizz, Canna, Terra Aquatica (GHE), Hydropassion, Jungle-Bosst, Metrop, Plagron, PRO-XL ...

    These are just a few examples of our high quality fertilizers, which are as good for growing tomatoes as they are for growing hemp.

    The fertilizers you find at are for greedy plants as well as for fast-growing plants. Easy and quick to use, you will be completely satisfied with the fertilizers on our website!

    We deliver very quickly everywhere in Switzerland! Please contact us for any advice before buying online. Large quantities can be purchased on request with a preferential discount.

  • lighting

    Lights for indoor growing

    Bulbs Sodium, Metal Halide, CFL, Neon, LED, Reflectors.

    Magnetic ballst, Electronic ballast, also in 400 VOLTS!

    Lighting accessories

  • Irrigation

    Everything for irrigation!

    Water and air pumps, fittings, drippers, pipes, heating bodies, watering cans, etc.

  • Growbox complete kit
    Full Growbox Kit and lighting Kit.
  • Climate control,...

    Climate control and regulation material, water (pH, EC, Temp), air, Co2, humidifiers, electricity (timer, relay-box switch), CBD-THC...

  • Pots & Bottoms
    Pots and Bottoms all sizes.
  • Plant care
    Pest control, insecticides, sprays.
  • Substrates
    Soil, Coco, Perlite, Rockwool, Clay pebbles, Mapito...
  • Hydro System
    Hydroponic, aeroponic systems.
  • Ventilation

    Circular Duct Fan, Fan, Suction Hose, ...

    Renewal and mixing of the air, treatment of the odor, various filter, connectors, flexible hose, ...

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Showing 1 - 12 of 1243 items


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