Blunts are flavored rolling tobacco leaves.

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  • Backwoods
    Backwoods cigars are rustic, made in the Dominican Republic from natural tobacco.
  • G-Rollz Hemp Cones

    G-Rollz blunts are made from premium, organic Spanish hemp that offers exceptional tear resistance and moisture retention.

    This makes filling the wraps a seamless experience, eliminating issues of tearing or cracking.

  • Blizzr Blunts
  • Blunt Wrap
    All Natural Tobacco Wrap.
  • Cannagar

    A cannagar is a cannabis cigar.

    It is composed of a stick of dried flowers, crushed and compressed around a wooden stalk.

    This stick is then wrapped in a hemp leaf, a tobacco leaf, a blunt leaf or even rose petals.

  • Chapo Hemp Wraps
    CHAPO is a French brand that manufactures in Mexico, ensuring that all natural processes are respected and that employees are paid fairly.
  • Juicy Super Blunt
  • La Feuille

    La Feuille

    La Feuille, a new taste experience for lovers of blunt.

    Roll directly in a tobacco leaf 100% natural and enjoy a taste incomparable mouth.

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Showing 1 - 12 of 65 items


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