ActiTube 7mm SLIM Filter ( 10)

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ActiTube Ø 7mm activated charcoal filters. (Slim)

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ActiTube 7mm SLIM Filter ( 10)

ActiTube Ø 7mm activated charcoal filters. (Slim)

For our SLIM filter we have selected the smallest diameter with which we could still achieve very good filtration results.

7 mm is considered by many to be the ideal diameter. With it we developed the world’s first real activated charcoal joint filter and later set standards for some imitators. Like its older brother, the 7 mm SLIM filter is well-filled and filters almost as well as its larger model. Nevertheless, it has a very handy size and therefore enjoys the greatest popularity among our filters. Like all actiTube products it is made in Germany.

  • 1pc = 10 SLIM filters
  • Box = 20 x 10 SLIM filters

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