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Super Boost for massive flowering.

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HydroPassion Massive Bloom

MASSIVE BLOOM is a high-quality stimulating fertiliser and flowering accelerator, the result of scientific research and laboratory tests, which offers amateur and professional gardeners a product with unbeatable power.

The MASSIVE BLOOM formulation is a knowledgeable blend of major P/K elements of the highest possible quality, extra purified and highly assimilable, which we have combined with natural marine trace elements, bio stimulant additives and numerous vitamins to produce a very effective organo-mineral synergy.

Designed to increase yield and develop active substances and essential oils, this unique, new-generation formula provides plants with extra energy and vitality for massive bud development.

MASSIVE BLOOM speeds up flowers appearing and flowering whilst remaining very easy to use in conjunction with a balanced nutritive programme. Save time and increase your production thanks to MASSIVE BLOOM, a product specially formulated to stimulated exceptional flowering.

  • PK 50-33. The most powerful flowering stimulator on the market
  • Contains an extract of Spiruline (natural vitamins) and L-ascorbic (vitamin C)
  • Contains a seawater extract to input natural trace elements
  • Soluble powder to be diluted. Easy to prepare and economical (0.3 g/L)
  • Ultra-assimilable formulation
  • Does not degrade. May be stored for more than 36 months

Suitable for

 Growing in soil
 Foliar spraying

Period of use




  • 60 x 100 gr (Carton)
  • 24 x 500 gr (Carton)
  • 10 x 1 kg (Carton)

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