Kit Soil SANlight LED 100x100cm

Box, LED lighting, ventilation, fertilizer, pots, soil...

CHF 1,461.60

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Secure Payment

Kit Soil Sanlight LED 100x100cm

Box, LED lighting, ventilation, fertilizer, pots, soil...

Complete kit, all the necessary equipment for a good start!

You save ~ 10% by buying the Kit!


1DiamondBox SL 100
(100 x 100 x 200 cm) Growbox for plant cultivation.
1SANlight LED EVO 3-100 Set
SANlight LED EVO 3-100 Set.
1BAT - Digital Timer CH
Digital Timer, CH Plug.
1SJ - Monkey Fan Oscillating 20W
Fan with NEW Revolutionary Holding System.
1SJ - Extractor EC 350 m³/h (DF16E350)
Secret Jardin Extractor
1SJ - Charcoal Filter 250 m³/h (DF16F250)
Secret Jardin Charcoal Filter.
1SJ - DF16 Support for Flange
Brings flexibility to your tent arrangement.
1AS Hygro - Thermo Digital 45mm
Precise and practical thermo-hygrometer due to its small size.
16Square Pot 3.6 lt
Square Pots 15x15x20 cm 3.6 lt
2PRO-XL Sublime Mix
Substrate with balanced fertilization.
1AN Starter kit pH Perfect Sensi
Easily achieves a lush, green, potent crop.
1HP 3acid down - 250 ml
3Acid down is designed to lower the pH in the nutritional solution.
1pH test kit
pH Test indicator.
1Guide du jardin intérieur  (FRENCH)
Destiné aux débutants et aux jardiniers amateurs.

SANlight EVO Brochure FR

SANlight EVO-Series brochure in French

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Brochure SANlight EVO-Series in German

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SANlight EVO Brochure EN

SANlight EVO-Series brochure in English

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