SANlight LED EVO 5-150 320W

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Highly efficient led grow light system for indoor growing.

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SANlight LED EVO 5-150 320W

Highly efficient led grow light system for indoor growing.

The peach of EVOlution

With the EVO series, we present you the top of the evolution chain in Led luminaires for the cultivation of plants. All experience from in-house and external research has been combined with the latest technology.

As a user, you benefit from maximum flexibility, best system efficiency and sustainable lifetime with the EVO series. No matter if you want to light a small area, a professional indoor CBD production or a whole greenhouse. With the EVO series, we can offer you the right grow light for every application.

SANlight LED EVO 5-150 320W

We have developed the EVO 5-150 for cultivation areas with a depth of 150cm. Using two lights in a tent of 1.5×1.5m gives you the maximum usable lighting intensity. 870µmol/s produce a lot of light at an economical 320W power. By using two lights you still have enough space in the middle of the tent to install the ventilation. This allows you to make the best use of the limited height in plant tents. The secondary optics as well as the possibility to change the angle of the luminaire in order to adjust the radiation characteristics creates highest illumination values and a very even illumination of your cultivation area.

  • Developed and optimized for areas with 150cm depth
  • Recommended for 150 tents
  • 320W & 870µmol/s provide plenty of energy for lush growth and flowering
  • No CO2 supplementation necessary
  • Best possible homogeneity and intensity, for optimal plant development
  • Optional dimming enables power savings and adaptation to a wide range of growing conditions
  • Due to a wide variety of installation options, the various cables and other accessories are available separately and are not included

Technical specifications

Power consumption320
Length (mm)1318
Width (mm)291
Height (mm)116
Protection classIP65

*in the emission wavelength range from 400 - 780 nm

Everything at a glance

Here you can see the SANlight recommendations for the EVO series. Here you can see what kind of setup we recommend for the standard tent sizes:

Tent sizeAmount luminairesModelHeight [H]Position of luminaires [W]Tilting degree [T]
60x60cm1xEVO 3-6040cmCentral – 30cm from the walls
80x80cm1xEVO 4-8040cmCentral – 40cm from the walls
100x100cm2xEVO 3-10030cm60cm between the luminaires – 20cm from the walls11°
100x100cm1xEVO 5-10050cmCentral – 50cm from the walls
120x120cm2xEVO 4-12030cm70cm between the luminaires – 25cm from the walls11°
120x120cm2xEVO 5-12050cm70cm between the luminaires – 25cm from the walls11°
150x150cm2xEVO 5-15050cm90cm between the luminaires – 30cm from the walls11°

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ANlight LED EVO-Series

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