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The Clean Light PRO provides a great way to fight powdery mildew on plants.

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CleanLight UV Pro

The Clean Light PRO provides a great way to fight powdery mildew on plants.

With this bigger unit it is possible to treat plants faster, per plant 2-3 seconds is already enough. The powerful 40 watts lamp rapidly kills all the fungi, viruses and bacteria on your crop and is especially effective against powdery mildew and botrytis. Powdery mildew is a fungus that stays on the leaves, by swiping your plants with CleanLight on a daily basis, the powdery mildew turns black and you can whipe it off the leaves.

This method of plant protection doesn’t leave any residues and can be used from cuttings to postharvest. Especiall during the last couple of weeks / days in which chemicals cannot be used.

For using the CleanLight technology no licence required! Also for disinfecting the room CleanLight can be used very easily. 

Order the PRO kit (including the safety gloves and safety goggles) now!

UV Cropprotection

CleanLight UV crop protection is a clean and effective way to protect crops against diseases and improve the quality of the plants and crops. CleanLight is in the professional horticulture active in more than 20 countries, mainly becuase of the quality improvement and because it is a residue-free method.

Also hobby gardeners suffer from fungi on plants and crops indoor or outdoor en prefer not to use chemical pesticides.  Funguses like powdery mildew and botrytis can be killed very effectively by means of CleanLight UV.


  • Kills powdery mildew
  • Leaves no residues
  • Improves plant quality

This CleanLight UV light is largely filtered by the ozone layer and CleanLight returns this light to the plants, especially plants and crops indoor or in greenhouses benefit optimally from CleanLight.

With the CleanLight Pro you protect your plants, flowers and crops on a completely organic and environmentally friendly manner. CleanLight can be applied inside and outside, crops and plants outside are stronger and can also be exposed longer to CleanLight UV.

Important with the CleanLight UV crop protection is that it must be applied on a daily basis. Powdery mildew and botrytis spores namely germinate once in the 24-48 hours, to break this cycle it is important  that CleanLight is applied daily. The CleanLight UV light does not kills spores and insects, these organisms are too strong, CleanLight kills the mycelium of a fungus.

Some plants and crops are more resistant to UV light than others, when a slight burning of the leaf occurs it is recommended to let the plant rest a couple of days so it can recover.

Content of the CleanLight Hobby

  • CleanLight Armature
  • CleanLight lamp (36 watt)
  • UV safety glasses
  • Safety gloves

Caution! Always use the safety glasses and gloves!

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